Nicolò Degiorgis portraits the ephemeral beauty of the mountainous Alpine landscapes and the people who live there in the form of poetic and experimental but also documentary photo series. They allow us to experience these vulnerable spaces from a new angle. In his work, he challenges our own viewing habits, so strongly influenced by the esthetics of advertising. Through photographic installations, photobooks, objects, collages, and film, we get to glimpse new insights into the indiscernible, inevitable changes to a landscape that was thought to be eternal. Farms.Flakes. Peaks is the continuation of a multi-year research project about the physical and cultural landscape of the Dolomites. The PEAK project, realized in 2019 as a photobook, consists of a series of black-and-white photographs of summits and rock formations. It is presented at LUMEN both as an extensive installation and as a small-scale object piece. A snowflake serves as the symbol of the fragility of the Alpine landscape, its beauty and uniqueness made visible through photo collages. The second room is dedicated to portraits of South Tyrolean mountain farms and their residents – pieces of photographic work which seem to be in equal parts documentary and surreal. Playing with visual contrasts and opposites, from small-scale collages to formats taking up an entire wall, scales of light and dark as the seasons and the times of day change, and experimenting with various exposure techniques and visual language: all that helps us to sharpen our perception and refine our judgment. Curator: Sabine Gamper


19.08.22 at 10:00 - 16:00


Lumen - Museum of Mountain Photography
Via Funivia
39031 Brunico/Riscone


+39 0474 431090

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